Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is extremely important for any website

When a user searches on Google, Bing or another search engine for a topic that your site addresses, it would be beneficial if the relevant page came up as part- of the first series of results. This can be achieved through SEO. SEO is not difficult to do and does not have to take a long time either- there are many tips which will allow you to do quick simple tasks that make a huge difference in your search engine rankings .

Google’s main aim when they find content through typing in keywords into their search bar is to understand what the contents of each site are about. They work out what the sites are about by analysing what words appear most often on the site and what other sites link back to it. Google also takes into consideration where the site is hosted (i.e. which country), how often it is updated, whether or not you use your social media accounts correctly (i.e Twitter, Facebook etc.) and if your content is good quality content that people would like to read .

The two main factors that currently affect SEO are Quality Content and Links to your business website.

To gain more of a high rank in search engines, make sure you have relevant keywords throughout your text e.g ‘SEO tips’ rather than ‘seo’. (Rank No.1)This way google will understand what each page on your website stands for based on the keywords used in them . Keywords are extremely important to include because this is what allows search engines to determine how relevant you are. (

Quality content refers to the quality of your posts and whether or not they are filled with information that people want to read. ( This will allow for people who find your site through a search engine result page (SERP) to become engaged with the content, which then allows them to stay on your website for longer . If users like what they see on your website, it is more likely that they will click on another link within your site- thus increasing traffic .

Having links back to your website from other websites or online communities make Google believe that you are an authority in the area you write about. The more authority you have as a source, the higher you will rank because if other sources link back to your site, this shows that you are a reliable source . It is best to use the keywords for which you want to be ranked highly in as anchor text when linking to your website.

Use the tips below and they should help improve your SEO!